Over many years Easter has become so commercialized that children [and adults] fell in love with the Easter bunny, and forgot the real meaning of it. Very few are aware of the origin of the Easter Bunny, but are buying it to please their children, or satisfy their own love for chocolate.

The Easter bunny finds its origins in Greek mythology as part as a pagan festival where Eostre, the goddess of fertility, was worshipped. This festival was accompanied with temple prostitution and sex orgies. It was widely believed that a fertile bunny was Eostre's earthly incarnation where she gave the bunny the power to lay eggs. Many moons later the Easter bunny was brought into the western world and became the highly commercialized symbol of Easter. Through all of this the real meaning and purpose of Easter is almost lost.

We thought that the best way to fight any idea is with a better idea. Instead of trying in vain to stop Christians from supporting the bunny, we created Leonardo in 2009 to convey the real meaning of Easter. Leonardo reminds us of the blood of spring lambs that saved the firstborn sons of Israel in Egypt. Through the Old Testament Lambs were sacrificed for the sins of God’s people. The prophets prophesied a Lamb will come that will take away the sins of the world. When John the Baptist saw Jesus Christ approaching, he said:”There is the Lamb of God that will take away the sins of the World.” (John.1:29).

The name “Leonardo” literally means “Like a Lion”. Revelation 5:5 refers to the Lamb of God as the Lion of Judah. He is the Lamb of God but also the Lion of Judah.

Our wish is that everybody will start to celebrate Easter for what it really is, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.